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Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to dramatically increase the amount of targeted traffic to your website through higher rankings in major search engines like Google. Search engine optimization, or SEO, has a broad range of practices. Often times Search Engine Optimization can have many different meanings. We make it a part of our process to educate customers on the tasks at hand when it comes to our SEO methods.


The Goals of Search Engine Optimization

seo-marketing search engine optimization Search Engine Optimization seo graphic

Our inbound marketing solutions are geared toward your Audience and Demographic. We develop creative content copy for each individual website to ensure we propel you past your competition.

  • Increase conversions, leads, and sales
  • Increase targeted traffic
  • Increase rankings in search engines

How We Do It

Site Review

The first step of this project will be a thorough review of your entire website. We want to know and understand every detail of your website so we can leverage all of your strengths and improve all of your weaknesses. Our team will also review your company, competitors, and customers; as well as identify all strategies and challenges for the Search Engine Optimization campaign.


  • Kickoff Meeting – Thorough review of company, competitors, customers; define all goals
  • Complete website audit and individual web page audits
  • Competitor website audit and web page audits (high ranking sites only)
  • Keyword Research, analysis, and selection
  • Google analytics review
  • Identify baseline metrics


Turn Around Time

  • Timeline (completed within days)
  • Not to exceed 5 hours of work


Search Statistics search engine optimization Search Engine Optimization seo stats graphSite Strategy

During this phase of the project we will develop an in-depth content, optimization, and conversion strategy to achieve all goals that were listed under Executive Summary”. Once complete, we will deliver an in-depth inbound marketing strategy brief that will be the “playbook” of this SEO campaign.


  • Multiple brainstorming sessions
  • Develop baseline report
  • Develop content strategy
  • Develop optimization strategy
  • Develop website authority strategy
  • Develop creative and strategic content strategy
  • Set goals (traffic, primary conversions, secondary conversions)
  • Identify all key phrases and targeted landing pages
  • Identify key metrics of success (user flow, analytic goal setting, etc)
  • Develop 3-6 month content strategy calendar


  • Strategy Brief
  • Strategy Brief review with client

Turn Around Time:

  • Strategy delivered within 14 days
  • Client may request strategy brief revisions
  • Not to exceed 15 hours of work


Site Optimization

The purpose of Site Optimization is to make sure your website and all landing pages are properly optimized for search engines by carefully executing the approved strategy brief. More importantly, we will make sure there is a relevant and properly optimized landing page on your website for each targeted key phrase outlined in the brief strategy.


  • Review of approved strategy brief
  • Execution of strategy brief
  • Internal reviews and quality assurance
  • Setup and install Google Analytics and other tools
  • Client Review


  • Checklist of all completed items
  • Additional work recommended but outside of scope


  • Timeline (completed during Month 1)
  • Client must notify SEO Consultant of any changes to site during and after Site Optimization completes
  • Client must provide VBC with all logins and access

Monthly Site Optimizationseo marketing search engine optimization Search Engine Optimization seo analytics

Now that your website is properly optimized we must continuously work to grow and improve the authority of your site. The purpose of Monthly Site Optimization is to increase your site’s authority in the eyes of major search engines. A properly optimized website with high authority will start to rank higher in search engines. However, our goal is more than high rankings. We want you ranked on page #1 of Google for your targeted keywords and phrases.


  • Continued Execution of strategy brief
  • Creative and strategic content creation (video, blogging, downloads, infographics, tools, etc)
  • Optimize creative and strategic content (whether on or offsite)
  • Link bait creation and execution
  • Strategic adjustments
  • Managing content calender
  • Link building to above creative and strategic content
  • A/B Testing
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis


  • Weekly and/or monthly custom reporting and recommendations
  • Client review meetings


  • Timeline (months 2-6)

What Does It Cost To Get Started?


899$/per month
  • Inbound Marketing Consultant
  • Website Support & Maintenance
  • 1 Strategy / Review Call Per Month
  • Monthly Keyword Analysis
  • 1-2 Blog Posts Per Week
  • Set Up & Customization Social Media Accounts
  • Social Media Updates & Monitoring
  • On-Page SEO Review & Updates
  • Local SEO


1,499$/per month
  • Inbound Marketing Consultant
  • Website Support & Maintenance
  • 2 Strategy / Review Calls Per Month
  • Monthly Keyword Analysis
  • 3 Blog Posts Per Week
  • Set Up & Customization Social Media Accounts
  • Social Media Updates & Monitoring
  • 1 New Call-To-Action Graphics (Smart CTA) & Landing Page Per Quarter
  • 1 Email Blast Per Month
  • 1 Initial Workflow / Lead Nurturing Campaign
  • On-Page SEO Review & Updates
  • Off-Page SEO (Link Building & Local SEO)
  • Quarterly Competitor Analysis


2,499$/per month
  • Inbound Marketing Consultant
  • Website Support & Maintenance
  • 2 Strategy / Review Calls Per Month
  • Buyer Persona Profiles
  • Monthly Keyword Analysis
  • 3 Blog Posts Per Week
  • Set Up & Customization Social Media Accounts
  • Social Media Updates, Monitoring Training
  • PPC Management (Google & Bing)
  • 3 New Call-To-Action Graphics (Smart CTA) & Landing Page Per Quarter
  • 4 New Offers (ebook, guide, etc.) Call-To-Action, Landing Page Workflow Per Year
  • Weekly Emails & Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Lead Management
  • On-Page SEO Review & Updates
  • Off-Page SEO (Link Building & Local SEO)
  • Quarterly Competitor Analysis

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